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A Modern Take on Live-edge Rustic

This desk is a product of some of my favourite design elements: Simplicity, Wood Character, Contrast, Texture, and a little Mystery.  

Beach Combing

This sideboard is a tactual memory of a family vacation to Vancouver Island. Domestic ash and walnut hardwoods, locally reclaimed barnwood, cedar, and flood-killed spruce all work together to transport me back to walking the tideline, collecting driftwood, and the simple-yet-complex beauty of nature.

Old World

This farmhouse style Dining Table is solid White Oak. A piece that will never grow tired or weak. Sandblasting and a scrub plane hearken to days past. This table was designed alongside the clients who came with their dream of what they wanted as a central piece for their family.

For The Love of Archery

In recent years I have developed a love for the sport of archery. The curves and lines of the bow and arrows evidently made their way into my sketches and the doodle for this bookshelf was the first one I made for Joshua Tree. The difficulty of the piece meant that other sketches and pieces took priority. After some thought and practice I finally took a shot at it. This is the result.


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